Synoptic Designer for Power BI

Synoptic Designer is the companion tool of Synoptic Panel, a certified custom visual for Microsoft Power BI created by OKViz.

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Synoptic Designer is a public web site providing a free editor for the SVG files required by Synoptic Panel to define the layout to display.

The editor works in the browser, but it doesn't transmit the images you load or the areas you define to our servers. Your data is stored on the client side. If you are not comfortable with using such a public service, you should consider a local SVG editor as those described at Introducing Synoptic Panel.

Synoptic Panel is a free custom visual developed by OKViz and it is distributed by Microsoft.

The Synoptic Panel custom visual is provided “as is” by OKViz, which will consider feature requests and bug fixes for future release, without a commitment for a delivery at a particular date. If you have privacy concern about the use of a certified custom visual in Power BI, you should contact Microsoft, which certified the component so that it fulfills all the requirement described in the link above. Please note that the Power BI platform constantly communicates with Microsoft services, without any involvement of third parties.

Please note you can use the Synoptic Panel custom visual *without* using Synoptic Designer.

Export to Power BI

Fantastic work! Now you can import the following file in Synoptic Panel by OKViz in Power BI and start highlighting your data:

Right click on the above image and press Save Image as...

Submit to Public Gallery

To submit to the gallery, download your SVG file by pressing Export to Power BI button and send it us via email at

Please, note that we will NOT publish:
  • Test files or personal images. If you need to host your projects, you can use third-party FREE hosting such as GitHub - read more »
  • Colored image - use grayscale images only
  • Low resolution bitmaps - vector files are preferred
  • Areas names NOT in English
  • Images with static text in the areas to highlight
  • Images with a copyright

Edit in Designer
or just import in Power BI directly from Synoptic Panel component